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Add 75 Horsepower

Horsepower is gives your vehicle the power to go, with more of it you can experience higher speeds and overall excitement. The HP from our chip will have your car driving like its never driven before.

Boost Torque 30%

Torque is what gives you that sensation of speed, power and exhilaration when you take off from a stop light. With our chip you are sure to have a more exhilarating drive!


Add up to 2-6 MPG

Increase your fuel economy and spend less at the pump.
Average drivers save a minimum of nearly $550 in just 1 year.

Quicker Acceleration

A faster acceleration rate will lead to a
shortened 0-60 MPH time as well as quicker
movement in traffic for dat-to-day commuting.


Better Throttle Response Time

Our performance chip will shorten your throttle
response time, this will lead to a quicker and
safer driving experience.


Smoother Engine Idle

The Engine Tuner Performance Chip has been
tested and proven to help you vehicle idle
smoother and more consistanly a result from
our engine ECU optimization algorithm.


Optimized Transmission Shifting

For automatic transmission owners. You will
begin to notice smoother and less noticeable
shifts between gears when driving day-to-day.
Not only does this make your drive more
comfortable but it also helps with invreasing
your MPG.


Help Eliminate Turbo & Engine Lag

Our algorithm even takes into account the possible variables which are known to cause turbo lag and to help reduce & eliminate it.


Works with existing mods & tunes

Our Engine Tuner Performance Chip work as a
piggy-back system. This means that even with
existing tunes and modifications to your
vehicle our chip is able to take them into
account through real-time engine output data.


Doesn't Void Warranty

Our chips do not leave a footprint of any kind in
your engine's CPU. Simply remove the chip
when taking your car in and plug back in when
you are done.


40-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try our chip for 40 days, if you aren't 100%
satisfied simply return it, no questions asked.


Lifetime Warranty

We are the only ones to ever provide a lifetime
warranty on all of our products. We stand by
our products, if anything happens to your chip
we will replace it.


Live Customer Support

We are always here to help so please do not
hesitate to call us and we will do our best to
address any of your needs. 100% customer
satisfaction will always be our top proprity.


The Latest Manufacturer Updates

Our chips are constantly updated with the latest
spec sheets and data updates directly from
manufacturers, trust that you are receiving the
newest updated chip on the market


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